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Live Digital Tours at Polpharma API Plant in Starogard Gdanski

For external partner visits, audits, and follow-up of ongoing projects, we propose innovative remote solutions thanks to state-of-the-art virtual conference technologies available at Polpharma. Register today and experience an engaging virtual meeting, which will enable you to visit specific API facility in Starogard Gdanski without leaving home.

You can reach us wherever you are.

Your Live Digital Tour will be tailored to your specific needs. With HoloLens and Our Experts, you will walk through the specific areas. Let us know what you’re interested to see and we’ll provide you with a fully customized digital adventure.

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    Polpharma’s strategic investment in HPAPI facility
    We have launched an investment in a specialized facility
    for the R&D and Production of highly active substances
    with an OEL value of 10 ng/m3 (OEB 6).

    The HP API investment includes separate process
    laboratories (PDL), analytical laboratories (ADL)
    with the possibility of performing Quality Control
    analyses, and a GMP kilo-lab production line with
    volume up to 1.5 kg with potential volume increase.