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Phenyl salicylate



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Polymorphic form

Crystalline orthorhombic form

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Antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory



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Phenyl salicylate is a 2-hydroxybenzoic acid phenyl ester. It is used in some manufacturing processes of polymers, lacquers, adhesives, waxes, and polishes. It is an active ingredient in some pharmaceutical products as a mild analgesic for pain relief by releasing salicylate. Phenyl salicylate can also be found in some antiseptic agents.

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Polpharma’s strategic investment in HPAPI facility
We have launched an investment in a specialized facility
for the R&D and Production of highly active substances
with an OEL value of 10 ng/m3 (OEB 6).

The HP API investment includes separate process
laboratories (PDL), analytical laboratories (ADL)
with the possibility of performing Quality Control
analyses, and a GMP kilo-lab production line with
volume up to 1.5 kg with potential volume increase.