CDMO project implementation
at Polpharma

In this webinar, our expert will cover:

  • Implementation of a CDMO project at Polpharma API
  • Technologies, equipment and organization of our state of the art laboratories to allow smooth and fast transfer and development of complex chemistry and analytical methods
  • cGMP, FDA inspected pilot plant for scale-up campaigns to commercial supplies of small volumes API
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Duration: 1 h

Claudio Salvagnini

Head of CDMO

Claudio Salvagnini has many years of experience in the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industry in commercial, business development, marketing and M&A roles. In the Polpharma API Business Unit he is responsible for the CDMO market.

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Ability to control particle size
distribution resolves multiple
formulation challenges

In this webinar, our experts will cover:

  • Why particle size is important?
  • How to get the required particle size?
  • How is it managed at Polpharma API?
Sign up Duration: 30 min

Dorota Pogoda

Leader of Solid State Chemistry Group, R&D Department API BU

Dorota Pogoda is Manager of the Solid State Chemistry Group in R&D API BU. She defended her PhD thesis at Wrocław University of Science and Technology in the field of Solid State Chemistry. She is involved in many projects related to crystallization process of the active substances and is responsible both development of polymorphic form as well as troubleshooting of production processes.

Past webinars

22 October, 2020
2.00 p.m., CET

Approach to Nitrosamine impurity
testing and technology improvement

In this webinar, our experts will cover:

  • EMA and FDA guidelines for pharmaceutical industry
  • Polpharma API approach for nitrosamine issue
SEE MATERIALS Duration: 30 min

Adam Hałuszczuk

Leader of Nitrosamine Risk Management Group,
R&D Department API BU

Adam Hałuszczuk is an experienced organoselenium chemist with many years of experience in organic synthesis. He is pursuing his PhD at the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of selenium chemistry. He is involved in the development and optimization of many processes at Polpharma and is directly engaged in developing an approach to nitrosamine impurities in Polpharma API BU.

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