Innovation & Intellectual Property

    Expansion of our business is primarily driven by innovation. Our business model is to bring breakthrough innovation in generic API development and incremental improvement in the manufacturing process of existing products.

    Innovation & Intellectual Property

       API Polpharma is a holder of several process patents and the rate is targeted to minimum 10 applications per year
       Time-to-market and First-to-File business oriented objectives have intensified creative work at all levels of API development
       We respect legal principles governing intellectual property
       We provide financial incentives for creation of our inventions
       We actively pursue the protection of our intellectual property rights however we respect the freedom of culture movement and freedom of knowledge

    Patent Approach

    Respecting all third party intellectual rights, our own patent team is dedicated to designing and defending our processes.

    We are experienced in designing new synthesis routes for producing APIs; our patent portfolio proves it.

    Innovation - expertise & experience

    Our prime assets are the knowledge and extensive expertise of our people.

    We employ highly qualified specialists and constantly invest in their continuous education in areas such as:

    • Route of Synthesis Design
    • Patent Environment
    • Regulatory Affairs / Legislations
    • Advanced Intermediates Sourcing and Outsourcing
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Process Modeling
    • Chemoinformatics
    • Quality by Design

    A key to the success is a combination of in-house expertise and effective co-operation with scientific institutions.

    Our company enjoys the benefit of the experience of specialized external laboratories and institutions both Polish and international, the majority of which are located in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, China and India.

    The external cooperation is carried out in the following areas:

    • Innovative processes and process techniques development
    • Analytical method development and validation
    • Kilo-lab and pilot-plant up-scaling

    To implement wide regulations into our processes, we developed the following practices:

    • Pipeline Committee
    • Project Management
    • Resources planning program