Live Digital Tours at Polpharma API

Live Digital Tours at Polpharma API Plant in Starogard Gdański
Covid-19 has an impact on our private and business life, however we are dynamically adapting to the new reality maintaining business as usual in all our operations.
For external partners visits, audits and follow-up of ongoing projects we propose innovative remote solutions thanks to state-of-the-art virtual conference technologies available at Polpharma. You can experience this with “Live Digital Tours” we are offering from our main API facility in Starogard Gdański.
You can reach to us wherever you are.

Register today and experience an engaging virtual meeting, which will enable you to visit specific Polpharma’s areas without leaving home. Your Live Digital Tour will be tailored to your specific needs. Our experts will walk you through specific area - let us know what you’re interested to see and we’ll provide you a fully customized digital adventure.
To find out more, fill in the form and register for your Live Digital Tour.

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